Drink in hand, singing Sam Cooke’s “Bring It On Home To Me,” Criss unleashed aggressive clapping, diva hands and no-frills dancing, sporting the same drunk eyes we first witnessed in last year’s “Blame It on the Alcohol” episode. A few drinks can usually impede one’s performance—unless you’re David Wells—but left Darren with the ability to deliver a full-bodied and powerful rendition, matching the volume and brashness of the accompanying trumpets. It’s the most complex cover we’ve heard from him yet, leaving us wishing Glee would consider a Sam Cooke tribute episode featuring nothing but this on loop. Glee returns tomorrow. We understand the importance of catering to the Top 40—it’s mutually beneficial—but let’s hope this performance convinces Ryan Murphy to throw in a last-minute cover before season’s end, or push for Blaine to forgo senior year and join a soul cover band that’s hot on the Lima wedding circuit.
Popdust, “This Darren Criss-Sam Cooke Cover Deserves Its Own Glee Moment.” (via staceysthings)


Thanks to an intoxicating combination of talent and charisma, Darren Criss has absolutely exploded over the last year. He’s not only been voted one of People’s Most Beautiful, but Darren’s Blaine Anderson is slowly but surely becoming the focal point (and therefore, future) of Glee.

Over the weekend, Darren made a surprise appearance at the Hotel Cafe, where he absolutely destroyed a cover of Sam Cooke’s Bring It On Home To Me.

Reminding us, once again, that when actually given a decent song (something Gleedoesn’t do often enough), Darren can bring the house down!

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I’m posting this because I haven’t seen this story about Darren’s performance on my dash. I think it’s pretty awesome that that performance of ‘Bring It on Home to Me’ seems to be getting traction on the entertainment sites.  I love his work as Blaine on Glee but I also want people to see he can do these kinds of performances as well. 

Darren Criss at The Hotel Cafe 4/7/2012 - Masterpost


Brooklyn - Theo Katzman f. Darren Criss (video) (mp3)

Tu Vuo Fa L’Americano (video 1, video 2) (mp3)

Part of Your World (video 1) (mp3)

New Morning f. Chuck Criss (video 1, video 2) (mp3)

Don’t You (video) (mp3)

Jealousy (video) (mp3)

Bring It On Home To Me (video 1, video 2) (mp3)

(zip of all)

All audio files were edited to remove any opening dialogue. 

Darren Criss @ Hotel Cafe - 4/7/2012 - DOWNLOADS


So this was kind of a surprise show that we thought we’d do for friends and otherwise. And I was kinda like, well, I kinda wanna do new songs and stuff but I was like, fuck that, we have a lot of friends that are pretty used to seeing this, so instead of playing new songs we’re probably gonna play a lot of the old songs, probably for the last time.
—Darren Criss during his show at Hotel Cafe (via moviemogulcolfer)