I’m still in shock. Honestly. It barely even registers in my mind that that’s me in that photo, standing next to one of my biggest idols and the guy who’s helped me through so much these past 3 years. Darren was so pretty and extremely huggable and such a sweetheart, not only meeting over 600 of us, but doing so with ridiculous enthusiasm and that massive smile on his face no matter what. Best weekend ever.


Okay so, I couldn’t make the G4 Convention. When I found out Darren was going, I was pretty darn upset and spent most of the weekend home alone in a v blue mood. My lovely friend warblersean got me this picture of Darren, holding a picture of me. I’m totally in love with how disappointed he looks that I’m not there!

The shirt I’m wearing in the picture is one with Darren on too, this Diva!Blaine design by the wonderful kendrawcandraw

Please don’t edit this picture, it means a lot to me.

Darren Criss at G4 (Audio Download)


Darren Criss.

G4. 2014, July 19th.



1. Colors of the Wind

2. Sophomore

3. The Muse

4. Human

5. Sami

6. Hey Dragon

7. So Many Douchebags (Guys Like Peter)

8. Status Quo

9. To Have a Home

10. Coolest Girl

11. Not Alone

12. Getting Along (ft Dylan Saunders)

13. The Way I do (ft. Dylan Saunders and Joey Richter)

14. Say Goodbye (ft. Dylan Saunders)

15. I Will Follow You Into the Dark (ft. Joe Moses)

16. Don’t You (ft. Dominic Barnes and Curt Mega)

17. Teenage Dream (ft. Dominic Barnes and Curt Mega)

18. Granger Danger (ft. Joey Richter)

19. Goin’ Back to Hogwarts (ft. Dylan Saunders, Joey Richter, Joe Moses, Dominic Barnes and Curt Mega)

20. Part of Your World

21. Days of Summer

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ps: Colors of the Wind is an edit of two songs, I hope the transition between the two songs is not too bad.